The Fast-Track 
Coaching Program
How to find highly profitable fix and flip deals NO ONE ELSE is buying in your real estate market, without using any of your own money, even if you don't have any home remodeling or design experience!
"We went to the real estate school of hard knocks..."
We've been fixing and flipping houses for over 10 years in Arizona and Wisconsin.

When we first partnered up together in 2009, we were both nearly bankrupt. Following the housing market crash of 2008, we lost our ASS-ETS.

Determined to succeed, we began working together to rebuild our real estate business as a team.
We tried everything the gurus tell you is necessary to find highly profitable fix and flip deals in your real estate market.

Bandit signs...

Direct mail campaigns...

Door knocking and driving for dollars...

Buying at foreclosure auctions...

Every one of these strategies for finding deals took time away from our families, dried up eventually, or just didn't work.

Fed up with the same old marketing techniques, we taught ourselves how to "create" deals investors in our market weren't buying.

It took a lot of time, but we figured out how to identify opportunities that other investors don't see, no matter what market we chose to buy in.

...without visiting the properties...
...without talking directly to distressed sellers...
...without using any of our cash or credit...
...without any construction or design experience...
...without competing with other investors...
Today, we earn a 6-figure income fixing and flipping houses no one else is buying in 2 very different real estate markets.

And, we created the Fast-Track Coaching Program to give you the step-by-step process we use so you can copy our success, no matter what part of the country you live in.

To learn how to do this we made a TON of mistakes (and lost a lot of money along the way). It took us almost 3 years of trial and error, but we finally "cracked the code".

Figuring it out on your own may feel rewarding to you, but do you know what feels even better?

Learning (and profiting) from someone else's mistakes (and successes).

That's what the Fast-Track Coaching Program is all about...

We only open this program up for students a few times a year, and right now you can get in and work with us RIGHT NOW. But, this opportunity won't last long.

So, if you're ready to launch your fix and flip business, let's do this NOW!
Here's Everything You'll Get When You Join...
The Fast-Track Coaching Program
There are 4 main components to the Fast-Track Coaching Program...
60-Days of Unlimited Access
You'll receive direct support with Marty and Manny, & they'll teach you exactly how to identify opportunities in your market immediately so you can find & fund your next deal in as fast as 60 days.
(6) Monthly Group Coaching Calls 
Each month, join Marty and Manny and their community of like-minded investors from on this live video conference call. Network virtually, exchange ideas and get advice and feedback on your deal!
Preferred Investor Status 
We'll connect you with our preferred lending partner so can get pre-approved for financing. Up to 85% of your purchase price and up to 90% of rehab costs are covered as our student.
Private Facebook Group 
With the support from Marty and Manny and the experienced members in this private Facebook group you'll have a team of experienced advisors on your side looking out for you. 
This just an overview. Below are the FULL program details...
60-Days of Unlimited Access:
With Marty and Manny get a personalized 30-Day Action Plan AND Identify the Best Areas in Your Market to "Create" Deals!
  • If you have a full-time job we'll help you organize and manage your time and identify key videos you need to watch, and areas of the business to focus on.
  • If you want to "create" fix and flip deals out of state, we'll help you build your team FAST!
  •  If you're new to the business we'll help you figure out where to start.
  •  You'l learn what opportunities are available in your market.
  •  We'll help you find funding if you already have a fix and flip deal lined up.
  •  You'll learn how to identify the best areas in your market to "create" deals.
  •  You'll gain the confidence to go out into your real estate market and start "creating" deals
Within hours of Craig's first contact with Marty and Manny he found a hard-money lender in his market to fund his fix and flip deal!
Monthly Group Coaching Calls (6):
Once a Month Marty and Manny Provide You With In-Depth Supplemental Instruction and Answer ALL of Your Questions LIVE!
Meet with Marty and Manny Face to Face...
  •  Case studies from their fix and flip deals in Phoenix and Milwaukee
  •  Get your own deal analyzed and watch them estimate rehab costs LIVE!
  •  Insider tips and tricks, plus they'll keep you up on the latest trends in the real estate market
  •  All of your questions answered!
Ron is semi-retired without ANY construction experience!
Ivan closed a deal he "created" from long distance!
The Private Facebook Group:
Interact with Marty and Manny and Get Your Questions Answered in This Private Facebook Group with Active Investors From Around the Country!
You'll Have 24/7 Access to Fix and Flip Investors and Real Estate Professionals in this Exclusive Community!
Need help determining the after repair value of your deal? Not sure how to estimate the cost of an addition? Looking for a private lender to fund your next fix and flip project? Worried about finding reliable contractors?

We are there for you! Manny and Marty are in the forum EVERYDAY answering your questions. Get daily advice and feedback from experienced pros.

To be a successful fix and flip investor you MUST be decisive. Great deals are easy to find if you can act fast. 

With the support of the members in this private Facebook group you'll have a team of experienced advisors on your side looking out for you. With our help you'll be able to quickly make a decision to buy a distressed property, or walk away if the numbers don't work.

Preferred Investor Status:
Get Pre-Approved for Financing Through Our Private Lender!
  • Up to 85% of your purchase price
  • Up to 90% of your rehab costs
  • Interest Rate 11%
  •  Credit Score 620 or higher
The Fast-Track Flipping Course:
This Comprehensive, 4-Part Training Course with 22 Videos Will Teach You, Step-By-Step House, How to Fix and Flip Houses IN ANY REAL ESTATE MARKET!
Find and Analyze Your Deal
*5 Videos
Where do you find houses in your market to fix and flip? And how do you know you're getting a good deal? We will show you how to find big profit deals (without spending a dime on advertising or talking to distressed property sellers.
Rehab Your 
*8 Videos
How much will it cost to remodel your property? And how do you find good, reliable contractors to do the work? We will teach you how to build an all-star team of tradespeople that will compete with each other to work for you.
Sell Your 
*4 Videos
Selling your property in the shortest possible time for the highest possible price should always be your goal. We'll give you real world examples of how you can make your property stand out and sell fast in any market.
Find Money For 
Your Deal
*5 Videos
Maybe you lack the cash or credit needed to buy and rehab a property? We can show you exactly how we use other peoples' money to fund our deals, and how you can find investors and lenders begging to partner with you.
"When I first started watching the courses I was blown away by the depth of the content. After just the first video I remember thinking to myself, "wow, this has already paid for itself". I gained immediate value and it has been invaluable being able to go back and re-watch different subjects." - Ashley B.
Dan Works Full-Time with 2 Kids at Home and "Created" a "Value-Add" Fix and Flip Deal!
Jesse, a former bartender, and his partner Tiffany "Created" a Condo Fix and Flip!
"You can't beat Marty and Manny's Fast-Track Coaching Program for experimental learning along with the support of their private Facebook group. It's nice to be able to share with like-minded people striving to be successful along with you." - Bevla R.
Deal Analysis Worksheets:
EVERY FORM We Use in Our Own Fix and Flip Business!
Deal Analysis Worksheet
Scope of Work
Production Schedule
Master Supply List
Walkthrough Checklist
You Can Be Our NEXT Student Success Story...
Deal Document Vault:
EVERY LEGAL DOCUMENT You Will Need to Run Your Fix and Flip Business!
Your membership in the Fix and Flip Hub Fast-Track Coaching Program includes access to every legal document we use to put our deals together with investor partners and lenders.

We've spent thousands of dollars and hours of time putting these documents together with our legal team and they're all yours as part of your enrollment in the program.

Here's what you'll get:
 LLC Operating Agreement - Set up your business right away, limit your legal exposure and tax liability using this real estate specific operating agreement.
 Promissory Note - In the Fast-Track Flipping Course you'll learn about putting fix and flip deals together without using any of your own money. To do this you'll need a promissory note to execute to the lender.
Participation Agreement - If you plan to partner with an investor they may want an equity position, or portion of the profit from your deal. To legally structure this type of arrangement you'll want to use this participation agreement.
Here's What Our Students Are Saying About Fix and Flip Hub's Fast-Track Coaching Program:
"Through Marty and Manny's Fast-Track Coaching Program, starting with their videos, I've learned every single element of fixing and flipping in easy-to-understand language, step-by-step guides and access to many spreadsheets and calculators." - Jim R.
"After signing up I dived right into the training videos and started interacting with several members of the Facebook group. Following Marty & Manny's advice I signed up for a wholesaler list and found a deal. They actually helped me estimate the rehab budget and negotiate the purchase of the property." - Ryan M.
Coaching Call Replays:
18 (and Counting) Supplemental Trainings and Q&A Sessions with our Fix and Flip Community!
If All the Fast-Track Coaching Program Did Was...
Help You Fix and Flip 1 Profitable Deal in the Next 12 Months...
Motivate You To Learn the Business of Fixing and Flipping Houses...
Would It Be Worth It?
Here's a Look At EVERYTHING You'll Receive When You Join Fix and Flip Hub's Fast-Track Coaching Program Today!
  60-Days of Unlimited Access
  (6) Monthly Group Coaching Calls
  • Preferred Investor Status
  Private Facebook Group
             *LIFETIME ACCESS
  Fast-Track Flipping Course
             *LIFETIME ACCESS
  Deal Analysis Worksheets
  Deal Document Vault
  Coaching Call Replays
"All of the content and files you provided us are TOP NOTCH! Anytime I have a question or need a form I get it from here. Great resource!! Thank you Manny Romero and Marty Boardman!!!" - Nicole S.
Real Estate Investors and Instructors
Some would say 2009 wasn’t a very good year to start a real estate investing business. Just 12 months removed from the biggest housing market crash in history, not many people were thinking about fixing and flipping houses for a living.

But we saw an opportunity.  It was an opportunity to make a lot of money. But more importantly, it was a way for us to get our time back. We didn’t want to be an employee working on someone else’s schedule anymore. Or be told what to do 8 hours day, 5 days per week. 

We wanted to be there for our children’s birthday parties, and coach their baseball teams. We wanted to take last minute vacations to Mexico without having to ask someone for permission. And, we wanted to sit at the 50-yard line to watch our favorite football team.

But the truth is, we had our doubts. Most of our friends and family thought we were crazy. Give up a steady paycheck to fix and flip houses after the real estate market collapse?

Fortunately, we had a road map. Call it divine intervention, fate, or just dumb luck. A church pastor introduced us to a successful real estate investor in Phoenix. This investor mentored us for an entire year and taught us his system for buying houses at the courthouse steps and flipping them to retail homebuyers.

In our first year in business together, we made $120,000. Not a lot of money, but enough to support our families. The following year, we doubled our income.

Along the way, we developed our own system for "creating" fix and flip deals no one else was buying. Then, we expanded our operation to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Now, we fix and flip houses in two real estate markets, and have an outstanding team of Realtors, wholesalers and contractors that help us rehab more than 30 houses a year.

We’ve been out of the “rat race” for 8 years. We’ll never go back to punching a time clock again. It’s a rewarding feeling to know that not only are we cleaning up neighborhoods and providing jobs to so many, we also have time and money freedom.
More Student Success Stories...
YES Marty and Manny! I'm Ready to Sign Up For Fix and Flip Hub's Fast-Track Coaching Program Today!
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